Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dream butterfly

Geminis are up to everything.  But stay for long on nothing.  I am sure butterflies have gemini as an ascendant, the primary influence of the second part of our lives.  But what butterflies have to do with my yesterday's dream where I couldn't stay on things that I do and couldn't also fly away?  On one side we can stuck in a routine we can't deal with any more and on the other we fear to go on to a self-reliant future just by wishful thinking.  Although this could work well.
When we want to fly, may it's time and then we feel the need.  Will we?  Can we afford not to?  The astrological predictions may not be bad although sometimes saturn opposing uranus can hold us back.  Hmmm, will the butterfly fly at last?  And who will answer the question?
In the meantime, I can hear the sound of the cocoon breaking...