I just love this painting.  At the photos above I show the edges around of which I am really proud of.  It's not that they are just painted, they just look so gorgeous from near that these photos cannot show it enough.
The painting at front is like this:

...and with the wooden frame that lets the painting show itself all around, it's like this:

The distance between the painting and the frame lets the edges be shown clearly and nicely.  I am just so proud of that small flower at the center and above that someone can see only in three dimensions but I can't explain the why scientifically.  Maybe in an other lifetime...

oil on canvas
framed in a wooden thick frame that is around 2 cm (0,79 inc.) far from the painting itself.
painting size: 18 cm x 24 cm (7" x 9,4")
painting + frame size:  24 cm x 30 cm (9,4" x 11,8")

Check my painting here :)


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