The rage that had overflowed in her chest led her straight to the surface. Her hairy legs were slowly but steadily stepping on the raw stones carrying a heavy body. She did not like the surface. There was a lot of light from the twin suns that left little time for darkness. She herself loved the shady and wet caves that had been created in the cracks of the drought and connected the surface with the rivers of the abyss.

Her two front legs touched the hot stones. He saw the little creatures with the four limbs next to their machine. Her mind blurred and she appeared with her huge black body in front of them. She looked around at the hundreds of her children they had killed and let out a scream that froze people's blood.

- "Little stupid creatures, without your machines you are useless. You spread death to my children as if it were your right. This is my home, this is where we live in peace for thousands of years and death is the dream we meet when the body wants to rest.

But you came as strangers to a foreign land and from the first moment my heart aches an unexpected and unbearable pain. I may be an ugly monster to you but I am the Mother. My every pregnancy was an anticipation and every birth a painful source of joy. I saw my children grow up and spread out, start families and discover new things. And now I lose them for no reason.

We did not bother you. I did not allow any of my children to taste your flesh even though it looks soft and it is not protected by hard shells except by thin layers that have no ability to keep you alive in front of a predator. Instead, we've been watching you to see what your goals are. And it was not long before they appeared.

I do not know how your specie multiplies but you also somehow came to life and a mother is the source of your existence. Is she proud of your crimes? Does she enjoy the extermination of my own children? Is she here to talk mother to mother?

I smell your fear and I feel your disgust for me. In front of you I am a horrible monster, just like my children look in your eyes and see awful creatures that long to destroy the world you consider your own. For me, however, they are beautiful, as every mother sees her children.

I went up from my home in the caves because I could no longer bear the pain. I'm big and tired after a long life. I would leave one of my daughters in my place to rest but I can not as long as you fight us."

People listened to the screams and growls of the giant spider and looked for a way to kill it, like the other spiders they encountered on this planet. At the moment, as she seemed slow and tired, they sent her the bullet that would kill her. But instead of killing her, it hit her in the face and threw her into the abyss. The bravest approached the edge hesitantly to see her climb the rocks to the surface again. She was very strong to die so easily and she was very smart to get back into the target of the machine. When she spoke again, roaring as she continued to climb slowly, looking at them with her hundreds of eyes, they realized the threat without knowing the language and run away.

- I may have been tolerant until now but it's time to let my kids taste how delicious your fluffy flesh is. Some of you look like a delicacy for my tastes. Those of you who stay on my land will take part in our snack as the main meal.

Behind her came out of the caves and followed her a few more hundreds of her children with their saliva creating small streams in the cracks between the stones.


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