The Dream

She was sitting cross-legged in the sand while the wave was licking her legs. She took a deep breath of the salty wind that shook and tangled her hair. She felt free and intangible like clouds and a wild joy sang in her heart.

When the creature emerged from the water right in front of her, Raina seemed to be waiting for it. The upper half was a man with broad shoulders and emerald eyes. His pointed ears, long face and broad shiny sternum had a color between olive and the color of the sea when the sun hits it at noon. Below the scales continued without a hint if they ended up in the tail of a fish or a snake.

The creature reached out and her whole body wanted to run to him. She started getting up and something touched her hand. A mirror. How did a mirror get there? Something moved inside her and made her turn to see her reflection. The echo of her scream was pulsating in her head.

She got up in bed panting and trembling. Rinsed her face with cold water to get out of the dream. It was not the first time. Ever since the dreams started, she did not go to that beach anymore. But they had becoming more and more and she had to do something. She was scared and she did not like being scared. She had to get rid of this stupid idea that she would meet the creature. In real life such things do not happen.

She decided to do it. She would not tell anyone. She did not need to give more reasons for cassowary to her friends who were already considered here imaginative. With her heart in her mouth and a fear she considered ridiculous she approached the meeting point of the dream. The wind was playing with her hair. After a few minutes and after convincing herself that she deserved each of her friends' jokes and, of course, nothing would happen, she turned away.

Suddenly she stopped motionless. She felt a presence and heard the splash of water as something emerged behind her. She did not want to return. It was just her imagination. She did not want to but slowly turned to the creature with the emerald eyes. He held out his hand to her and all she wanted was to run to him. She was crazy. "Go away," the voice of reason told her. "These things do not happen."

Raina moved on. She touched his hand and an electric shock pierced her. For the first time in her life she felt whole and complete. The pieces of a puzzle were coming together in her mind. Her navy father who abandoned them, her mother's preference to her siblings and the way she kept her away from the sea, her dreams ... Small details came to join the other pieces. A small panic erupted to sit in her heart when the creature smiled and pulled her into the water. Raina resisted because she knew she could not breathe but his reassuring look convinced her of another craziness. As he dragged her deeper and deeper into the water, she began to observe the small fish that did not leave before her, the anemones and the caves formed by the seabed.

She suddenly realized that something strange had happened. She had been following the plasma for some time and had no symptoms of drowning. She discovered with horror that she was breathing in the water. She pulled him back and saw the membranes between her fingers. Her cry came out different, twisted and carrying a singing hue at the same time. "Do not be afraid, my daughter," said the creature. "You're finally home." His voice was diffused into the water. It left and returned like the currents of the seabed. "What did you do to me; "What am I?", she cried. She mechanically let him lead her into the dark abyss while trembling with fear. The thoughts were so many that none reached the surface of the mind.

As they descended into the darkness, small lights began to be shown pale from afar. Shiny rocks and columns made of mirror reflected the light of springs that went even deeper into vast caves with high ceilings. Other creatures like long green shadows glided in or out of the water. Raina glanced furtively at one of the mirrors and saw the reflection of the dream mirror. She was a monster like the others. Her long head stood on a changing body. She folded in two and cried.

She shook abruptly on the bed and stayed completely awake looking at the ceiling in despair.

"The dream again?" asked her husband.


She went to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She looked at her hands. Fine invisible energies like membranes were weaving between her fingers and then dissolving. She could not speak to her husband and could not accept her inheritance. Not since she had two children tying her to the surface.


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